5/30/18 | Photography Section LIVE

The Photography Section of the website is now LIVE!

So far, there are three lovely ladies featured (which you can find the links below to each set or use the "Photography" link above!) but I certainly hope to add more as I have the pleasure and opportunity of working with more people. I really enjoy collaborating with other models, artists and photographers. We all have a unique vision, and being able to combine my and another persons vision while working together is what art is all about for me!

I've been keeping it simple and doing indoor/studio work. Haha, I really don't know if you want call my space a studio. I literally started out in my 450 SQ FT apartment... I've since upgraded to a 1 bedroom! But hey, I make it work! Its all about being creative. In addition to some paper backdrops, I currently use two soft-box lights, some LED and strings lights. I really love the aesthetic I've been getting with such a simple set up and I want to keep playing with this concept, but also let it grow organically.

I'm currently using a Sony a5100, which I've been told to upgrade several times. But honestly, for what I'm doing I'm finding its working out just fine and am happy with the results I am getting. But hey! If anyone wants to donate a better set up, I won't object! Haha! I do prefer Sony *wink *wink*. I also really enjoying using the 50mm f/1.8 lens, because that bokeh is just so beautiful. A little bit of a pain in the ass shooting in my little space indoors, but worth it.

It really all started one night, when some girlfriends and I were hanging out. (I should note, I've been doing self portrait work for a while but had yet to really photograph others. I will expand more on this in my next blog and when the modeling section goes live!) We had planned to shoot some photos and just see what we got. I had just got some LED light strips and had been dying to test them out! Shooting other people is definitely different then doing self portrait work. Having the freedom to move around and shoot photos on the fly, even with my limited space, made a huge difference. With self portrait work, it's a bit slower and cumbersome of a process.

I was happy with the results we got for my first time really photographing. You can see those photos under Mara Sade's set! After that, I started getting contacted asking for photoshoots! Which was a huge surprise, as I'm used to being asked to model. My second shoot was with Tiara Riley, and we kept it simple with the LED and string lights. My third shoot so far, was with Lindsay Faye. She came to me with the concept of 21st Birthday Party and of course I was in! I mean, who doesn't love balloons, candy, glitter and glamour!? Working with these ladies gave me a great opportunity to get my camera settings and lighting down. By my third shoot, I was feeling way more confident and I'm really excited for my next chance to photograph.

I love being on the other side of the camera and editing, although time consuming and tedious, is the best part for me! I'm very into photo manipulation, so doing portrait work is a breeze, as I like to keep those a bit more natural and simple. I use the Camera Raw Editor from Photoshop to make most the major adjustments and then take the images into Photoshop to edit further. For portraits, I typically clean the skin up if needed but try to keep the editing minimal on these. I will dodge and burn them to make the image pop a bit more, I find this really adds a lot of dimension. The Google Nik Collection is nice for a variety of edits, there is also have some nice light leaks and color casts. The skin softening tool is decent, as I've yet to learn Frequency Separation. I know, I know! I will get on that one, I promise!

If you have an idea or concept in mind, let me know! I would LOVE to collaborate with you!!