8/7/18 | Modeling Section LIVE

The Modeling + Self Portrat Section of the website is now LIVE!

I'm really excited to finally launch the Modeling Section of the website... because its been forever since I've even made a blog post! I decided to break this up into two different categories, so... one for self portrait work and the other for professionally shot work (ie: work other by others).

Self portraits were the reason I even started modeling in the first place, although modeling is something I had always wanted to do secretly growing up as a kid. In roughly 2013, I was doing a lot of SFX and Fantasy Makeup for fun and I needed a way to capture it, so I started using the timer on my iPhone and bam... self portraits began. I realized I needed something better than a phone camera (yes, they are quiet nice but still don't compare to editing RAW images for me personally) and shortly after I purchased a Sony a5100. It grew from there as a passion and way to create and express myself using my face and body as a canvas! The human body is a stunning work of art and can be captured in so many different perspectives, a slight move altering the entire visual presented.

I found self portrait work to be very intimate and rather challenging at times. Trying to get that one shot because the light is just right, but oh, the camera has to also be in a certain spot too and shutter at just the right time... not always an easy task to accomplish alone. It makes it so much more worth it though, or maybe thats my prideful Leo side stepping in, taking all the credit as always. My first time very being published was in Conceptual Magazine, which I can proudly say I photographed, modeled and edited. I've since been punished a handful of times but have yet to get cover. That is my next goal, so if you have any ideas in mind for a cover, I would love to hear about it!

After a period of time, I began to develop a certain style and finally gained confidence in myself enough so that when someone finally asked me to shoot professionally, I jumped at the chance. Or, is it leapt? Since we were talking about Lion stuff here?! haha. Over the next couple of years I was able to shoot with many of the best local photographers, and most I now consider good friends! I currently have work featured from Brian Spencer, whom I just adore and recommend all to work with! He's a great guy and makes shooting so easy! You are sure to get some good shots with Brian! Alan Osterholtz and Erik McCormick are also featured in my gallery for some outdoor work, again both amazing work here and highly recommend both photographers.

Although, I've pulled back from traditional modeling as much as I was, I've found a deeper focus within my artwork and concepts. I enjoy the photo manipulation aspect and being able to create something new. In my self portrait section, I chose to show the before and afters of each image so one can get an idea of where I started at. I mentioned how I started to edit in my previous blog (here)... but its pretty basic I think. RAW Editor into Photoshop, skin touch ups and then have fun with editing away! Dodge and Burning is also a must for me on like 99% of images I edit, it just makes them *pop* so much! I am still learning a lot but enjoying myself along the way.

Well there we have it, so far the entire site is now live! As of now... but I will continue to keep adding content as projects come along and progress. I have a couple in the works that I am BEYOND excited to share... but alas I must wait. It will be worth the wait though I can promise you! If theres a certain topic or project you want to see here in the blog, please email me and let me know.